Experts Among Us
November 13, 2018
A Diamond’s Facets
December 5, 2018

Three Expert Types Described

We commonly lend an ear to three categories of experts. Although we might not quickly categorize them in this manner quickly, they easily fall in to these groups with little necessary effort on our part:


The Instructors act as our tour guides, who can simplify the complicated and provide trustworthy steps for direction, utility, time-savings and learning;


The Influencers, who have tested visited, purchased and have otherwise tried a product or service.  We relate to them on some level and we trust their words;

The Innovators

The Innovators have offered us a product or service that many see as an improvement over one or more relevant levels. These innovators simply do things better or are perceived to. Each of this class have given us reason to trust them as well.